It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife,” Jane Austen, in her book Pride and Prejudice.

The book was written in the early 18th century, urging us to hark back and realize the time-honored preponderance of love. Since ages, people have been finding love, sustainability, and security in partners in accordance with the prevailing societal belief system. In other words, people around the globe have not always fallen in love the way they do now.

The dotcom bubble that surfaced during the mid-90s paved the way for print publishers to pursue display ads. Ever since then, the ambit of Ad network has been bloating, capturing novel advertising possibilities.

An ad network is a company working as a middleman for advertisers to publish advertisements on websites. It mediates the ad inventory’s sales among publishers and advertisers. In layman’s terms, an ad network acts as a broker, acquiring a large volume of publishers’ impressions and then making them available for sale to advertisers.

The time when ad networks started gaining momentum, the hunch concerning the right and…

The origin of facial recognition technology harks back at Woody Bledsoe’s project presented in 1960 called the man-machine system. This curtain-raiser — along with the emergence of artificial intelligence and deep learning — paved the way for a future decked out with invisible, smart, and avant-garde technological landscape.

Humans have cognitive abilities to decide “whose face is it?.” Whereas machines rely on complicated systems that involve algorithm, database, artificial neural network, and other contemporaries. These individual facets add up to form a facial recognition system, which studies, develops, and designs to answer the same question technically.

The prodigious integration of…

Sourabh Suryavanshi

Writer. Editor. Poet. Storyteller

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